I developed my passion for reading in my 7th grade summer vacations. Though that may be late, it is always better late than never! I guess the reason contributing to this might be that I had a lot to study and a lot of exams to take and there was really no time to read. But, all of this changed when I moved to the United States in 2016. The availability of books and the number of libraries was just amazing! On top of that, you can make time for reading if you finish all the homework, which was not possible at all in the school I studied in before. The first novel to spike my interest in reading in the U.S. is ‘The Night She Disappeared‘ by April Henry.

A shout out to ALL the spectacular writers in the world who are writing such amazing books and developing the love of books among many people!


One False Move- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Brenda Slaughter is no damsel in distress and Myron Bolitar is no bodyguard. But he has agreed to protect the bright, beautiful basketball star at the request of her coach.

Twenty years ago, Brenda’s mom deserted her. And now, just when she is making it to the top of the women’s pro basketball world, her dad disappears too. When Myron Bolitar learns the secrets some are dying to keep and some are killing to protect, he finds his hands tied! I found this book really good and intriguing! It is suspenseful and doesn’t let you free till you are finished with it!

one false move

Need- Joelle Charbonneau

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

The teens in Nottawa and Wisconsin are all joining the newest and the hottest networking site right now. The site asks its members just one question: What do you need? In exchange for one small task, the NEED site fulfills everyone’s request. 

Kaylee Dunham knows exactly what she needs. Unlike the other teens who ask for a new iphone or backstage passes to a concert… she asks for a kidney for her sick brother. She doesn’t think that a website like this could help her in this case but it wouldn’t hurt to try, would it?  But, after she realizes the price that will have to be paid to meet her need after making the request, she is in a rush to find out who created the NEED network before the creator destroys all of them! This is even harder to do when her parents and the police don’t believe her and think she has gone crazy. 

Reading this book makes you realize the importance of a NEED and a WANT. It also makes you realize the ultimate price you have to pay if you buy or wish for something you just WANT and not NEED! It is a good book and is thrilling to read!





Fade Away- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

When a man who once had competed against Myron Bolitar disappears, it brings back memories of the sport they both played and the woman they both loved. The home was top-tier New Jersey suburban. The living room was comfortable and a cozy one but the basement was Legos and blood. When Myron probes the disappearance of Greg Downing, the current top basketball player, he comes face-to-face with a past he can’t relive, and a present he may not get through. It is a good book!

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Perry’s Killer Playlist- Joe Schreiber

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller

Perry’s Killer Playlist is the sequel to the book Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick. I’d recommend reading the first book before this but you would understand most of it even without doing so. If you want to read my review for the first book, the link is provided below this review. 

When Perry ends up in Venice on a European tour with his band, he can’t resist a visit to Harry’s Bar, where Gobi told him she would meet him here someday. The last time he saw Gobi, five people were assassinated one crazy night in New York City. Well… Gobi shows up once again and Perry is involved in a wild, never-ending ride with a body count. The reason for all this will definitely surprise you at the end!

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The link to Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick:

All The Broken Pieces- Ann E. Burg

Genre: Historical Fiction

All The Broken Pieces is a verse novel written by Ann E. Burg. This is the story about a young boy–Matt Pin who is tormented by an awful secret, two years after being airlifted out of Vietnam in 1975, who is now living in a loving adoptive home in the United States, while a series of profound events forces him to confront his past. I wouldn’t have come across this book if I hadn’t forgotten the book I was currently reading at home and I really enjoyed reading it! It is a very short book and I finished reading it in an hour. 

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Gone For Good- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller

As a boy, Will Klein had a hero: his older brother, Ken. When a girl Will had once loved–was found brutally murdered in her family’s basement in the Klein’s affluent New Jersey neighborhood, the prime suspect is Ken Klein. With the evidence against him massive, Ken simply disappeared! And when his broken family never heard from him again, they were fearful that he was gone for good!

When Will finally finds proof that his brother is alive after eleven years, he is forced to confront startling truths about his brother, and even about himself. This is a really good book to read and when you think you know who the ‘bad person’ is, the author surprises you with twisting the plot at the last moment. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves suspense or mystery novels. 

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Drop Shot- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Once Valerie Simpson’s tennis career skyrocketed; the headlines now belong to a player from the wrong side of the tracks. But when Valerie is shot dead in cold blood and dropped outside the stadium at the U.S. Open, sports agent Myron Bolitar investigates the killing and uncovers a connection between the two players and a six-year-old murder at an exclusive mainline club. As Myron is drawn into the case along with a dirty U.S. senator, a jealous mother, and the mob–he finds himself caught between a killer and the truth. It is a suspenseful and a great read! 

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A Moment Comes- Jennifer Bradbury

Genre: Realistic Fiction

The book A Moment Comes is set in Pakistan in the year 1947. The story changes among three teens on the threshold of a volatile situation after the British separate the Muslim and Sikh people. Tariq, a Muslim teen, gets caught in a mob and has to reconcile his actions from that afternoon with his dream of going to Oxford to study. Anupreet is barely healed from another mob attack when she begins work at the British home of Margaret, daughter of a British mapmaker. Tariq is working for the mapmaker and hopes that will earn him a reference to Oxford and a ticket away. 

As the three cross paths and cultures, each are pulled towards, and yet away from each other as they struggle to find their worth and place. It is a different book than what I usually read and enjoy but I liked this book as much as any other thrillers or mystery novels because it was written really well!

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Live Wire- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Live Wire is yet another Myron Bolitar novel. Myron Bolitar once again shows his readers how he has a big heart and will defend his client’s interests so fiercely that he can’t help but jump in to save them, no matter the cost in this book. When former tennis star Suzze T and her rock star husband- Lex, encounter an anonymous Facebook post questioning the paternity of their unborn child, Lex runs away from home, and Suzze- eight months pregnant- asks Myron to save her marriage, and perhaps her husband’s life. But when Myron goes on the search, he is not prepared to find his sister-in-law, Kitty, who along with Myron’s brother abandoned the Bolitar family long ago.

The provocative question this thriller asks its readers is: Is a pretty lie better than the ugly truth? This was truly a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly!

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Tell No One- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

For Dr. David Beck, the loss was shattering. Every single day for the past eight years, he has relived the horror of what happened. He remembers in vivid detail the gleaming lake, the pale moonlight, the piercing screams… and the night his wife was taken. The last night he ever saw her alive.

Everyone tells him it’s time to move on, to forget the past once and for all, which is easier said than done! David finds himself involved in a very baffling and a cryptic mystery when a message appears on his computer…a phrase which only he and his ‘dead’ wife know and he has been warned to tell no one. He is suddenly taunted with the impossible-that somewhere, somehow, Elizabeth is alive. This book is amazing and its grip of suspense is truly wonderful! I would recommend it to everyone who loves mystery or thriller novels!

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