Play Dead- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

This is the first book Harlan Coben wrote, but not the first book I read of his. It is a very old book (published in 1990) but I fell in love with the author’s style of writing and started reading each and every book thanks to the amazing collection my English teacher had!

While supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin were honeymooning on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, tragedy struck. David went out for a swim and never returned. Now widowed and mourning, Laura’s search for the truth will draw her into a web of lies and deception that stretches back to thirty years.

It is an amazing book and is full of suspense! If you love thrillers or mysteries I highly recommend you to try this book! 

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Found: A Mickey Bolitar Novel- Harlan Coben

Disclamier: Please read the post for the first and second book in this series (Shelter and Seconds Away) before reading this post to understand the events better. Link to both posts is located below this post. 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

The third book of the young adult series starts at a swift pace and is hard to let go once you start it. As puzzling clues continue to surface, Mickey is adamant to uncover the truth about his father’s death, irrespective of his uncle’s (Myron Bolitar) warning. Was it really accidental or murder? Or is he still alive like how the Bat Lady says? With the help of his uncle and his loyal friends, Mickey solves the mysteries of the Abeona Shelter and the elusive “Butcher of Lodz”– all while trying to manage the everyday life in high school. 

I loved this series and the author and it made me search on the internet if Harlan Coben has written any other books. He has… 29 more books. The reviews of each book will start soon. If you loved this book/or the series, you should definitely try the other books by him. 

Link to Shelter (the first book): by Harlan Coben

Link to Seconds Away (the second book):

Seconds Away: A Mickey Bolitar Novel- Harlan Coben

Disclaimer: Please read the post for the first book in this series (Shelter) before reading this post to understand the events better.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Seconds Away is the second book of the young adults series- Shelter. In Seconds Away, Mickey is getting ready for basketball tryouts, and still wondering about his father’s death and his work saving children with the mysterious Abeona Shelter. Mickey had his own experience with a rescue in Shelter, and now the Bat Lady is back, giving him a mysterious photo of a Nazi war criminal Mickey thinks he has met. He thinks that this is the same man who was there at the accident at that killed his father as a paramedic. When his friend Rachel is shot in the head and her mother is killed, Mickey has a more pressing mystery to solve. This book is full of twists and turns, if you are a fan of thrillers or mystery books you should really enjoy this book. 

This is the second book of the young adult series written by Harlan Coben. Please make sure to read the first book (Shelter) before reading the second one. If you enjoyed the second book too, try out the third and the last book in this series- Found.

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The link to my post on Shelter is below:


Three Times Lucky- Sheila Turnage

Genre: Mystery

Three Times Lucky tells the story of a murder mystery in a small North Carolina town- Tupelo Landing, with population of 148. Mo (short for Moses) LoBeau is the main character and also the narrator. She is an 11-year-old sixth grader who was sent downstream on a makeshift raft as an infant. A man nicknamed the Colonel and a woman named Miss Lana have been raising her ever since. 

On a day like every other day, many of the townspeople are eating lunch at the cafe owned by the Colonel and Miss Lana. In this silent and peaceful town, everything changes when a stranger named Detective Joe Starr arrives at the cafe from Winston-Salem to investigate a murder from his jurisdiction. The townspeople, including Mo, distrust him immediately. Read this book to find out how one event changed the whole week. The dialogues are hilarious and the book is written well. 

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The Fourth Stall- Chris Rylander

Genre: Fiction

The book is about a sixth-grader, Christian Barrett (commonly known as Mac) who solves everyone’s problems in his office- in the fourth stall of the East Wing boy’s bathroom. Mac is open for business during recess and lunch and will solve people’s problems for a small fee. He and his best friend, Vince are operating their business for years, all for the hopes of saving enough money to watch the Chicago Cubs play in the World Series. 

But, when a third grader- Fred walks in asking for protection from a high school crime boss Staples, Mac and Vince’s business begins to fo down. Staples is supposedly a myth, something to scare kids into submission. Mac was shocked to hear that Staples had set up his own betting ring right under his nose. Nobody messes with Mac’s turf, so Mac and Vince reluctantly agreed to protect Fred and get to the bottom of Staple’s plan. They just had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

 It is a fun read!

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Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick- Joe Schreiber

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Perry Stormaire’s future is all figured out for him. He has applications in all the top universities. He has a band- Inchworm, and they have their first real gig coming up. Perry might have continued on this somewhat successful yet mindless path if it wasn’t for the Lithuanian foreign exchange student his family welcomed into their home his senior year. 

Gobija Zaksauskas, or Gobi for short, wasn’t like a foreign exchange student Perry expected at all. She was short, stocky, and hid her pasty complexion behind thick glasses and a hair bun. For the most part, she kept to herself, and Perry pretty much tolerated her presence while counting down the days until she left. That all changed when the senior prom came. Perry had planned on playing with his band in New York City that night when his mother informed him that he would be taking Gobi along. Like you guessed, he wasn’t happy with this at all… and was furthermore embarrassed when Gobi dressed in a ceremonial Lithuanian costume that made her look worse than a sack of potatoes. A turn of events occur and Perry is surprised to find himself helping Gobi to kill people…the people who ruined her previous life. 

This book was really amazing with all the funny verbal exchanges. Thanks to my school librarian for introducing me to this book and so many other great books you know. The action is fast-paced too with a lot of twists and turns, and if you enjoy this  book then try the second book of this- Perry’s Killer Playlist.

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Shelter- A Mickey Bolitar Novel by Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Before writing the review of this book I would like to thank my 8th grade English teacher and our school librarian for suggesting this book, as it is really good and without this suggestion I wouldn’t be writing this review and the next 30 reviews of the books by the same author. This one book led me to read all the other books by Harlan Coben and I am grateful for the author for writing such amazing books!

The Shelter series is the most recent books of Harlan Coben and is for the young adults. Life has not been easy for Mickey after his father passed away and his mother got addicted to drugs because of the death of Mickey’s father. Mickey has been forced to live with his uncle- Myron for the time being and it makes it harder since he dislikes him. The story opens with a scene where an old lady (known as the Bat Lady and feared by everyone) opens the door of her house and tells Mickey while he is on his way to school, that his father is still alive. When Mickey’s erstwhile girlfriend, Ashley, suddenly disappears from school, Mickey begins stumbling through his own investigation of Ashley’s disappearance. Through his investigation he learns that there is a tie-in between the death of Mickey’s father and the sudden disappearance of Ashley. He is aided by a couple of school outcasts like himself and when he begins to learn some truths about Ashley and his own family… not only Mickey but even the readers are completely shocked! 

I highly recommend this book and it is fantastic! If you enjoyed reading this book then,  read the second and the third book of this series- Seconds Away and Found respectively. You will not learn the truth till the very end of the third book.  🙂

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The Messenger- Markus Zusak


I am the Messenger is the story about Ed Kennedy, a 19 year old cab driver . He lives in a shack with a stinky, coffee-drinking 17 year old dog aptly named the doorman since, the dog never leaves the door at all. Ed becomes a hero when he points a gun at the most amateurish bank robber the world has ever seen. Everyone is proud of him and that is when, he receives his first message… on an Ace of Diamonds card with three addresses and times written on it. He feels the urge to respond as he realizes that it is an assignment more than an invitation. Read the book to find out what awaits him at these addresses and who is the mysterious stranger who sent him the card…

This is a really good book and you can feel your perspective of the protagonist changing throughout the book!

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Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet- Kashmira Sheth

Genre: Fiction

Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet is the story about Indian arranged marriages, written by Kashmira Sheth. It is the story about how Jeeta’s family is caught up in the mayhem of arranging weddings for Jeeta’s two older sisters. Jeeta is the only one in the family who doesn’t feel the excitement and joy her family and sisters feel to get married at a young age. She is anxious about her turn on the matrimonial circuit and as she spends more time with her educated and liberal friend’s parents, she begins to question the traditional ways of the family expectations. Everything changes when she falls in love with her best friend’s cousin- Neel… Jeeta realizes that she must strike a balance between independence and duty and follow her own path. It is a well-written book filled with humour and is set in modern Indian city- Mumbai. 

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See my book review for Kashmira Sheth’s other two books:

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Blue Jasmine:

The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins

Genre: Thriller

The Girl on the Train is a story about a young woman, Rachel, who takes the same commuter train every morning and night. Every day she goes on the same track, passes the same stretch of cozy suburban homes, stops at the same signal which allows her to watch the same couple having breakfast on their deck daily…she calls them Jason and Jess and thinks that their life is perfect and is not like the life she recently lost… Until today… Rachel sees something so shocking that she is unable to keep it to herself and she goes to the police. But why do you think the police would believe someone as unreliable as her? Read the suspenseful book to know what Rachel saw that changed her whole life…for the good or bad is unknown till the end!

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