Play Dead- Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Play Dead is the first book Harlan Coben wrote, but it is not the first book I read of his. This is a very old book (published in 1990) but I fell in love with the author’s style of writing and started reading each and every book all thanks to the amazing collection my English teacher had!

While supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin were honeymooning on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, tragedy struck. David went out for a swim and never returned. Now widowed and mourning, Laura’s search for the truth will draw her into a web of lies and deception that stretches back to thirty years.

It is an amazing book and is full of suspense! If you love thrillers or mysteries I highly recommend you to try this book! 

Image result for book cover for play dead by harlan coben

Here is the complete list of all the books by Harlan Coben: (He has written way too many to list them individually down here 🙂 )

Books by Harlan Coben


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