Three Times Lucky- Sheila Turnage

Genre: Mystery

Three Times Lucky tells the story of a murder mystery in a small North Carolina town- Tupelo Landing, with the population of 148. Mo (short for Moses) LoBeau is the main character and also the narrator. She is an 11-year-old sixth grader who was sent downstream on a makeshift raft as an infant. A man nicknamed the Colonel and a woman named Miss Lana have been raising her ever since.Β 

On a day like every other day, many of the townspeople are eating lunch at the cafe owned by the Colonel and Miss Lana. In this silent and peaceful town, everything changes when a stranger named Detective Joe Starr arrives at the cafe from Winston-Salem to investigate a murder from his jurisdiction. The townspeople, including Mo, distrust him immediately. Read this book to find out how one event changed the whole week. The dialogues are hilarious and the book is written well!Β 

Image result for short summary of the book three times lucky by sheila turnage




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