The Fourth Stall- Chris Rylander

Genre: Fiction

The book is about a sixth-grader, Christian Barrett (commonly known as Mac) who solves everyone’s problems in his office- in the fourth stall of the East Wing boy’s bathroom. Mac is open for business during recess and lunch and will solve people’s problems for a small fee. He and his best friend, Vince are operating their business for years, all in the hopes of saving enough money to watch the Chicago Cubs play in the World Series.ย 

But, when a third grader- Fred walks in asking for protection from a high school crime boss Staples, Mac and Vince’s business begins to go down. Staples is supposedly a myth, something to scare kids into submission. Mac was shocked to hear that Staples had set up his own betting ring right under his nose. Nobody messes with Mac’s turf, so Mac and Vince reluctantly agreed to protect Fred and get to the bottom of Staple’s plan. They just had no idea what they were getting themselves into…

ย It is a good book if you are looking for some light reading!

Image result for the fourth stall


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