Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick- Joe Schreiber

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Perry Stormaire’s future is all figured out for him. He has applications in all the top universities. He has a band- Inchworm, and they have their first real gig coming up. Perry might have continued on this somewhat successful yet mindless path if it wasn’t for the Lithuanian foreign exchange student his family welcomed into their home his senior year. 

Gobija Zaksauskas, or Gobi for short, wasn’t like a foreign exchange student Perry expected at all. She was short, stocky, and hid her pasty complexion behind thick glasses and a hair bun. For the most part, she kept to herself, and Perry pretty much tolerated her presence while counting down the days until she left. That all changed when the senior prom came. Perry had planned on playing with his band in New York City that night when his mother informed him that he would be taking Gobi along. Like you guessed, he wasn’t happy with this at all… and was furthermore embarrassed when Gobi dressed in a ceremonial Lithuanian costume that made her look worse than a sack of potatoes. A turn of events occurs and Perry is surprised to find himself helping Gobi to kill people…the people who ruined her previous life. 

This book was really amazing with all the funny verbal exchanges. Thanks to my middle school librarian for introducing me to this book and so many other great books you know. The action is fast-paced too with a lot of twists and turns, and if you enjoy this book then you should definitely read the sequel- Perry’s Killer Playlist.

Image result for summary of the book au revoir, crazy european chick by joe schreiber

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