Shelter- A Mickey Bolitar Novel by Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Before writing the review of this book I would like to thank my 8th grade English teacher and our school librarian for suggesting this book. I can’t express my gratitude to them because without this recommendation I would not only be writing the review of this book, but I wouldn’t be writing the review of the next 30 books by Harlan Coben either! Reading this book really upgraded my taste in thriller novels.

The Shelter series is the most recent books of Harlan Coben and is for the young adults. Life has not been easy for Mickey after his father passed away and his mother got addicted to drugs because of the death of Mickey’s father. Mickey has been forced to live with his uncle- Myron for the time being and it makes it harder since he dislikes him. The story opens with a scene where an old lady (known as the Bat Lady and feared by everyone) opens the door of her house and tells Mickey while he is on his way to school, that his father is still alive. When Mickey’s erstwhile girlfriend, Ashley, suddenly disappears from school, Mickey begins stumbling through his own investigation of Ashley’s disappearance. Through his investigation, he learns that there is a tie-in between the death of Mickey’s father and the sudden disappearance of Ashley. He is aided by a couple of school outcasts like himself and when he begins to learn some truths about Ashley and his own family… not only Mickey but even the readers are completely shocked! 

I highly recommend this book and it is fantastic! If you enjoyed reading this book then,  read the second and the third book of this series- Seconds Away and Found respectively. You will not learn the truth until the very end of the third book. 🙂 Spectacular series!!!

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Here is the complete list of all the books by Harlan Coben: (He has written way too many to list them individually down here 🙂 )

Books by Harlan Coben




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