The Messenger- Markus Zusak


I am the Messenger is the story about Ed Kennedy, a 19 year old cab driver . He lives in a shack with a stinky, coffee-drinking 17 year old dog aptly named the doorman since, the dog never leaves the door at all. Ed becomes a hero when he points a gun at the most amateurish bank robber the world has ever seen. Everyone is proud of him and that is when, he receives his first message… on an Ace of Diamonds card with three addresses and times written on it. He feels the urge to respond as he realizes that it is an assignment more than an invitation. Read the book to find out what awaits him at these addresses and who is the mysterious stranger who sent him the card…

This is a really good book and you can feel your perspective of the protagonist changing throughout the book!

Image result for i am the messenger book
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