Ketchup Clouds- Annabel Pitcher

Genre: Fiction

Ketchup Clouds is the story of a fifteen year old Zoe who shares a terrible and the darkest secret of her life to a stranger on death row in a letter. She cannot confess it to anyone she knows and when she hears of a criminal- Stuart Harris, who is locked up on death row in Texas, Zoe begins to tell her story in letters to the man in prison in America…because they have something in common–both are not stranger to secrets, lies, or murder. 

It is a nice book and is full of humor! Just for your information this book is released in a different title in the UK…I don’t know the reason for this, but it is known as Yours Truly in other places…so if you don’t find the book by the title Ketchup Clouds search for it with the title Yours Truly

Image result for summary of the book ketchup tomato by annabel pitcher     Image result for yours truly by annabel pitcher


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