Ten- Gretchen McNeil

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Ten is the story about ten teens who head out to a secluded Henry Island Vacation home, for a weekend party off the coast of Washington and what happens when they find out the real reason they were called to the party. For Meg (a senior), the trip is a good excuse to get away from home and family and spend some good time with her best friend- Minnie as Meg will soon be leaving to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) for her first quarter and also work on her writing.

But when a perilous storm hits the island and the electricity goes out, Meg begins thinking that something is seriously wrong as the guests at the party start to die from different ‘accidents’. Each of the ten teens are connected to someone in their past who is out to exact horrifying, cruel vengeance. 

The suspense in this book is simply amazing and if you get terrified easily then don’t try this book, because it could be a little scary. 

Image result for ten gretchen mcneil book cover


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