Blue Jasmine- Kashmira Sheth

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Blue Jasmine is a story about twelve-year-old Seema Trivedi who learns that she and her family are moving to Iowa City from their small Indian town. Kashmira Sheth’s own experiences as a teenager (who moved by herself from India to America) inspired her to write this novel. Now, she is a microbiologist and lives with her family in Madison, Wisconsin. 

When Seema realizes that she will have to say good-bye to the purple-jeweled mango trees and sweet-smelling jasmine, and the most important person- her best friend and cousin, Raju… she is distraught. Everything is completely different in Iowa City, and Seema feels like an outsider to the language and traditions. As she starts getting adjusted, her confidence seems to grow day by day, and she learns that she can build a bridge between the two homes. With heart rending scenes in the book, the author unearths the meaning of “home” and “family” in this tender debut novel.

I really enjoyed reading this book because I went through the same stages and feelings when I moved from India to America and could relate a lot to little Seema’s feelings. It was hard moving but an amazing and educating experience!

Image result for blue jasmine book cover by kashmira sheth






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