The Westing Game- Ellen Raskin

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller 

The Westing Game is an amazing book written by Ellen Raskin and the story is about a game called “Who Killed Sam Westing”. The winner of the game receives Samuel Westing’s estate, which is worth millions. The players of the game are sixteen people, who are all residents of Sunset Towers–an apartment building on Lake Michigan, and they are named as the heirs to the fortune. The sixteen occupants are split into eight unusual pairs and are given clues to solve the murder case. Sam Westing’s most important instruction to the heirs is: “It’s not what you have, but what you don’t have, that counts.” Through many struggles and hard work, the ‘to be heirs’ play the game, leading to treachery and curiosity. The book has many unpredictable plot twists and you can never guess the outcome till you read the last page. It is not a very big book and I highly recommend reading this book, as it is amazing! 

A big Thank You to my librarian for introducing me to this stunning book, else I would never have known about it and read it! I don’t know what was so special in this book, but I absolutely loved every moment of reading it!

Image result for the westing game book cover



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