Boys Without Names- Kashmira Sheth

Genre: Global Literature 

Boys Without Names by Kashmira Sheth is a story about a young eleven-year-old boy- Gopal and his family. They have no other option other than fleeing from their rural Indian village; if they stay, they starve. With the darkness of night as cover, they flee to the big city of Mumbai, India in hopes of finding work and a brighter future. Gopal is eager to help support his family until school begins and thus when a stranger approaches him with the promise of a good factory job, he jumps at the offer. But little did poor Gopal know that he was misled. There is no factory; it is just a small, stuffy sweatshop where he is forced to make beaded frames for no money and little food, along with five other boys. The boys are prohibited to speak to each other or even call each other by their real names. In this atmosphere of mistrust and loneliness, locked in a rundown building in an unknown part of the huge city, Gopal is discouraged from ever seeing his family ever again. After undergoing days without even getting food for mistakes he made in the beadwork, he comes up with a plan… Gopal breaks the rule of not speaking to each other, one night, in order to make the people friends and help each other in getting out of here. Read the book to find out where his decision led him to…

I am glad to have picked up this book for my English assignment because not only did I realize how child labour can permanently scar a person, but it also made me read the other books by Kashmira Sheth…which are pretty awesome!

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Other books by Kashmira Sheth include:


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