Endangered- Lamar Giles

Genre: Mystery

Lauren Daniels (better known as Panda in her school) finds the tables turned when a mysterious individual begins to blackmail her in doing risky jobs by threatening to tell the world about her secret identity if she doesn’t do them. 

During the day Lauren tries to stay unnoticed. At night, she becomes Gray; an experienced and a dauntless photographer who captures implicating or chagrin pictures of high school bullies and posts them to her anonymous website. Enraged that a popular student, Keachin Myer attacked a disabled classmate, Gray follows Keachin and hits photographic pay dirt. When she receives an email from someone called SecretAdm1r3r that night, with incriminating photos of herself photographing Keachin, she feels her world spinning around her. 

The game begins from then: SecretAdm1r3r’s taunting messages at first dare Gray to take dangerous photographs but quickly moves into sinister territory. When people end up dying mysteriously from the next day onwards, Panda cuts ties with the mysterious person. This book has frequent plot twists and fast-moving sentences which keep you want to keep turning the pages until you are done reading it.

Image result for endangered by lamar giles

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