Fake ID- Lamar Giles

Genre: Mystery

Fake Id is the story of a young boy–Nick Pearson, who is hiding in plain sight. His name is not really Nick Pearson and he shouldn’t tell you where he is from or why his family moved to Stepton, Virginia. He shouldn’t tell you who he really is, or what his hair, skin and eye colour is. And he definitely shouldn’t tell us about his friend Eli Cruz and the major conspiracy Eli was about to uncover before he died. He shouldn’t tell you about how he had to choose between solving Eli’s murder with his sister and “staying low-key” like the ‘Program’ taught him. But he is going to…because he decided to do so. 

I cannot tell a lot about this book without giving away some major details, so I decided to keep it short. This book is really good for young adults and I thank my English teacher for recommending me this book as I really enjoyed reading it.

Image result for summary of fake id by lamar giles

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