Digital Fortress- Dan Brown

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

The story of Digital Fortress is about how the National Security Agency (NSA) finds itself as a hostage… not by weapons, but by a code so crafty and clever that it has the ability to wipe-out the U.S. intelligence. When the NSA’s most classified technological wonder–an indestructible code-breaking machine (Transltr)–encounters a suspicious code it cannot break, the agency calls in its genius and the head cryptographer Susan Fletcher. What she finds out while working on the case is so surprising she struggles to save the agency she believes in and finds herself fighting not only for her country but also for her own life. The book is filled with a lot of intelligence secrets, and the book also provides the readers with a lot of current information on NSA which most of the Americans never knew about.

I loved this book because I have a great interest in computer and programming skills and this book proved very interesting in that field. It also told me so much about the NSA (which I believe really exists) like for example they mentioned how each and every email is read by Transltr I was shocked because I didn’t know if it was true or not. I still don’t! But it definitely is a good book to read! Especially if you enjoy reading something about programming.

Digital Fortress

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