The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die- April Henry

Genre: Mystery

Yet another book by April Henry… I am really sorry if this is getting boring… when I find a good author; it is a little hard for me to stop until I am done reading all of their books! But this will be the last book by her that I will write the review of unless she writes a new book! J

What do you think you would do if you woke up from being unconscious and realized that you didn’t know where you were, how you got there or even who you were? You are only certain of one thing: the two men with you want you dead. You would probably do what Candance (Cady) Scott did; you would fight for your life.

When one of the men leaves the other man in charge of killing her, Cady does what she has to do to save herself. She arms herself with a rock, and when the opportunity presents itself, she uses the rock to hit the man in the head. She is also well-versed in self-defense, so she is able to subdue her would-be killer and knock him unconscious. When he is out cold, she steals his cell phone and his vehicle and drives away.

Not knowing who she is, where she is or how she got there narrowed her options considerably. Cady finds a place called Newberry Ranch, whose Security Department was staffed with a guard 24 hours a day. When she stops there to ask for help, instead of being safe, she finds herself locked in the back seat of a patrol car. The policeman thought she was an escapee from a local mental hospital.

After she managed to get away from him, Cady flees to Bend, where she finds a McDonald’s restaurant and Ty, a kid who’s willing to help her out, even though she can’t give him a good reason to. The pair set off on a quest to not only figure out who she is but to also figure out who those men who want to kill her are and why they want her dead.

I bet finding out the true identity of Cady and the reason for her being kidnapped is going to shock the readers! This is a fast-paced novel with lots of action. It’s well-written in terms of keeping the action flowing and making the reader want to keep turning pages in order to find out what happens next. Lots of roadblocks are thrown in Cady’s path on her way to figuring out who’s who and what’s what, which makes the book all the more interesting!

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