Wings of Fire- The Biography of Abdul Kalam by Arun Tiwari

Genre: Non-Fiction/Biography

Wings of Fire is an autobiography capable of inspiring even a common man into becoming a scientist. It is the life story of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, honorable President of India. It is a well composed novel which revolves around the life of Mr. Kalam, a renowned scientist as he shares his experiences and the minutest of details of his life. I like the way the book has been put together along with the delicate facts of his personal life. His family background, the pain and suffering he went through  and recollected himself is commendable. The day I finished reading this book, such an influential personality impacted me very deeply and it gave me a glimpse of how the power of positive thinking can help achieve all odds.

This autobiography comprises of a balance of details of the technological and political challenges faced to prosper in its aeronautical and space program. It is also a success story of Dr. Kalam’s participative management practices.

The book gives an insight into the lives of Hindus and Muslims of India and their relationships among each other and among multi religious communities in India.

“Wings of Fire” is an account of a young boy who tries to achieve his dreams beating all odds. The story emphasizes the importance of family, relatives and friends in helping achieve each other’s goals and turning dreams to reality. It teaches us to become a patriotic citizen of our country shown in the book as a determinant India and countless effort of its scientists in achieving superiority in aeronautical, space and rocket technology.

This book offers an important lesson of finding success from failures of Indian space and rocket infrastructural programs. A good presentation of the role of other renowned scientists molding our country’s future. This book is full of information and is a recommended choice for every student, because this book has the influence and power to motivate a person to stand out in life. “Wings of Fire” is a unique model of accomplishing one’s goals, while fulfilling the promise to its country.

As I read through this book I felt the same humility that Mr.Kalam felt when he was engaged into the program. My mother recommended me this book and I am glad that she did.

The book itself is written in simple English and it seems as if the author is speaking out to the reader directly. One must read this for the following reasons – India’s greatest scientist Abdul Kalam’s story, military and defense research, missile technology, India’s vital space programs and general knowledge. Throughout the book there are morals that are for the grooming purposes for everyone, even for the administrators. Abdul Kalam tells us how the finest of people can be brought out. Abdul Kalam is referred to as ‘spiritual scientist’, his visions and contributions to his country.

At the core, the book is about the great Indian dream. A wish that all the founding fathers of a country have, a wish fulfilled by Abdul Kalam.

A country which is divided by religion and caste. A country which has a corrupt political system and where money rules, Abdul Kalam still made millions of citizens of India a proud nation.

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