The Lost Symbol- Dan Brown

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is amazing and is filled with so much suspense; I started getting kind of paranoid until I finished it! 😂 This book features a story on Harvard Symbologist, Robert Langdon who is summoned to Washington D.C., by his mentor, Peter Solomon, to speak at a prestigious Smithsonian fundraiser. However, when Langdon arrives, Solomon is nowhere to be found. After calling Solomon’s assistant, Langdon learns that his scheduled speech was only a trick to bring him to the Capitol.

Moments later, screams are heard and a severed hand is found in an adjacent room in the Capitol Building. One of the fingers wears a ring that bears the mark of the Freemason’s highest honor. Each of the fingers is tattooed, as is the palm of the hand, with symbols that only Langdon comprehends. Langdon realizes that the tattoos are an invitation to unlock mysteries of the ancients. Soon, a number of high-ranking national security officials demand that Langdon help them as he is the only one able to decipher the mysterious invitation. Langdon, the chief of Capitol security- Trent Anderson, and CIA official Sato find themselves in a sub-basement room of the United States Capitol Building; the room is set up in a scene familiar only to Langdon and Masons around the world.

Meanwhile, Solomon’s sister, Katherine, goes to work in a secret lab constructed by her brother in an empty pod deep within the Smithsonian’s storage facility. Katherine, trying to advance the science of noetics, finds it strange that Peter is not answering his phone. Summoned by a mysterious Dr. Abbadon, who claims to have been working with Peter to deal with psychological distress, Katherine learns that her brother has shared some of her secret research with the doctor, which shocks her.

Katherine and Robert are eventually brought together in a desperate attempt to save Peter Solomon – and the nation – from a single madman determined to reveal information that could change life as we know it.

According to me, this is an amazing page-turning thriller novel and I would recommend this to anyone who loves suspense and sudden plot twists in a story! This is Dan Brown’s third book and his first book is the famous Angels and Demons, although The Lost Symbol was the first book I read of his. Though his book contains a little religious matter, I think that the story plot is spectacular! Though this book is fictitious, they are grounded in facts and I can only imagine the research Dan Brown would have had to do to write this book because a lot of the facts are very accurate.

The Lost Symbol.jpg

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