The Body in the Woods #1- April Henry

Genre: Mystery/Thriller and Suspense

This book is an amazing thriller for young adults. It features three teens that join Portland’s Search and Rescue (SAR) team for very different reasons. For Nick, who lost his father in the Iraq War, volunteering with SAR represents true courage and leadership. For Alexis, SAR means overcoming a broken home and standing out on college applications. But for awkward and lonely Ruby, SAR is everything.

When the three teens are called in to find a lost autistic man, they find a dead girl instead. Ruby fears Portland has a serial killer targeting homeless girls, but the lead detective doesn’t believe her. Nick, Alexis, and Ruby investigate the murder on their own – but the killer soon turns his attention to them.

Filled with facts about real crime scene investigations and search and rescue teams led by highly trained teenagers, this engaging new series will appeal to mystery readers. 

the body in the woods



April Henry has written another book titled Blood Will Tell #2 which has the same characters- Nick, Alexis, and Ruby. This is the sequel to Body in the Woods #1. 




Other books by April Henry include:



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