Five Point Someone- Chetan Bhagat

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Comedy

The book is narrated by Hari, with some small passages by his friends Ryan and Alok. It deals with the lives of the three friends, whose elation on making it to one of the best engineering colleges in India is quickly deflated by the rigor and monotony of the academic work. Most of the book deals with the numerous attempts by the trio to cope with and/or beat the system as well as Hari’s fling with Neha who just happens to be the daughter of Prof. Cherian, the domineering head of the Mechanical Engineering Department of their college.Β 

While the tone of the novel is humourous, it takes some dark turns every now and then, especially when it comes to the families of the protagonists. Most of the action, however, takes place inside the campus as the boys, led by the ever creative Ryan, frequently lamenting how the internationally lauded IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) system has stifled their creativity by forcing them to value grades more than anything else. Uninspiring teaching and numerous assignments add to their woes, as though the boys do find a sympathizer in Prof. Veera, the new fluid mechanics professor. Read the book to find out if the trio graduate the college or not. This book has also been made into a movie called 3 idiots in the Indian language- Hindi and I think that the movie is better than the book because it is much funnier!



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