Wise and Otherwise (A Salute to Life)- Sudha Murty

Genre: Fictional Narrative

Wise and Otherwise is a book written by Sudha Murty. Sudha Murty is a social worker, author, a humanitarian and is involved with many charities. She is also the chairperson of Infosys. Wise and Otherwise is a compilation of 51 short stories which are the author’s real life experiences, gathered while travelling across the country.

None of her stories are pieces of fiction and are inspired from real life stories, which arose from personal encounters and thus most of the stories are set in a village background. Some stories leave a huge impact on you while some are to be read and forgotten.

One of the main stories in this book revolves around a young man who leaves (read: dumps) his father in an old-age home after declaring him to be a homeless stranger. Another story is about how a tribal chief in the Sahyadri hills teaches the author that there is humility in receiving too. Another story is about a sick woman remembers to thank her benefactor even from her deathbed. These are some of the main and ones which are very interesting. Of course there are many more which are very inspiring but these stories are the particular ones which comes to my mind when I hear something about this book. Most of the stories emphasizes the importance of moral values and about people’s behaviour in different circumstances. The language of the book is lucid yet striking!

This book is recommended for every Indian (and others too) who wants to know more about the real state of India. Sudha Murthy has left it to the readers to decide what’s good and what’s bad.




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